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Meet Modya

Registered Psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner


General Therapy and Trauma Practitioner

I offer Zoom and in-person sessions Mondays to Thursdays 9am - 3:30pm to offer more choice for clients.

I am now accredited to offer services through the Federal IFHP program for refugees and refugee claimants.

Compassionate Inquiry

Multiple careers, spiritual journeys, marriage, children, loss and grief. These life experiences of mine helped me focus my therapy practice around trauma and how we move relationally in the world. I offer creative ways to help you explore how you keep yourself stuck, sad or overwhelmed and how you limit your growth.

I provide the support and safety primarily through relational therapy, somatic therapy and mindfulness to allow you to face your challenges. I work to help you give voice to your own needs in your relationships, workplace/homeplace and in your sense of belonging in the world.

Greater choice, change, growth and a more vital life is possible for you by rediscovering and accepting all parts of yourself and challenging old and fixed beliefs.


Through my relational approach, you will learn how to transfer your experiences in therapy out to the rest of your life.


What I Specialize In


Anxiety & Depression


Transitions, Men's Issues


Spirituality &


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“I exist not to be loved and admired, but 

     to love and act.” - Janusz Korczak 

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