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Meet Modya

A Bit About Me

I have crafted and followed a rich route to being a trauma and relational therapist and consider myself to be on a perpetual journey of exploration, experimentation and growth. My academic path started with Engineering and through my specialty I developed a passion for stepping back and looking at the whole picture. I constantly apply the ideas of general systems theory to my work and my life to look at how my inner world is impacted by my outer world and vice versa.

After engineering for a few years, I switched my career path to marketing and had a successful management career both in corporate life and running my own consultancy. I also started and ran a charity focused on reducing student bullying and feelings of isolation.

Life has offered me much, some good and some bad – including broken homes, divorce, children, job losses, global wandering, new beginnings. My spiritual searching has included 12 years in a Buddhist community and over a decade immersed in teaching character development. I believe that my intersection of interest in East and West has opened me to seeing life in various ways and that my flexibility and curiosity have become a trademark of how I work with clients.

I have had the fortune to be exposed to many different styles of therapy, and find that for me, a modality that gives the body and feelings as much weight as thoughts is the most supportive approach to healing. It is this sense of body-heart-mind “whole-play” and creativity that I bring to my therapy practice and offer to my clients.

Finally, it’s important to share my passion for the teachings of Martin Buber, Kurt Lewin and Eugene Gendlin and their focus on the felt sense of relational therapy. I believe deeply that life is richer when I am with another, sharing moments. It is within those moments that therapeutic healing can happen.

My Approach

As you know, every relationship you have is different and every time you meet, that meeting may be different. However, as I am WITH YOU, I offer a safe space for you to explore the challenges that emerge for you. You may bring in issues from the past, concerns for the future or challenges in the present moment. Our work together will focus on how those challenges affect you in the room, in the moment. You could say that the relational work we do together is a controlled test for how you live your life outside. We will explore and build awareness of your movement, feelings and thought patterns and how you fragment your self into parts in order to be in the world. With awareness comes choice and with choice comes change, healing and a sense of freedom.

While I will be with you on the journey, I appreciate the sentiment of Irish playwright, Bernard Shaw, who said “If you teach a man anything, he will never learn.” My approach to therapy is one in which we share the journey together and you come to your decision points based on your own felt sense and experiential understanding. Learning is an active process and requires doing, reflecting and integrating. My contribution is to bring my intuition, wisdom and creativity to the relationship so that you see vistas that were previously hidden.

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